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Some random internet stuff..


Ballet Deviare

When you think of ballet, you think of symphonic style music with pretty ballerinas dancing to the soothing sounds, right? Right.

Not these girls.


"Ballet Deviare's mission is prompted by the fundamental desire to modify and expand the restrictions of ballet and to further legitimate heavy metal/extreme music as an art form."

Some will read this and think it's an awesome idea, while others will think it's absolutely ridiculous.

You be the judge.


Group Hug

This is a neat site I just found out about. Some things written there are cool while other things will outright give you the creeps. But it's still an interesting read nonetheless.

The one recurrent theme you will see on Group Hug more than anything else is the fear of being alone - by both genders. A lot.

My recommendation: Don't read this site too much, else you might actually get depressed. 😉


Yet another example of how Macs suck

It is no secret that I have a severe distaste for Apple computers.

The "fix" to the latest MacBook problem, that being the "squishy button" trackpad issue, is to use origami. I'm not kidding.

I said it before and I'll say it again, Macs suck - so much so that people who use them have to fix hardware problems themselves.


Those crazy French people..

Periodically I will receive really odd messages from that Yahoo! account I resurrected. All of them are in foreign language, usually French and from people I've never chatted with. The latest one I received was (translated):

I note that you are not on line. With the next time. Thank you for the gift

I am the gift that keeps on giving I suppose. 😉


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