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Knoppix on the Stinkpad.. err.. Thinkpad

Being that Knoppix runs pretty good on my primary box, I'm trying it out on the Stinkpad Thinkpad.

Knoppix unfortunately has no documentation bundled (that I could find) that tells you how to install it to a hard drive. After doing some looking around, I found that if you boot to KDE, launch a prompt, type "su" (for SuperUser) and then type "knx2hd", the process begins.


You do have to know how to partition a drive correctly if you don't meet the minimum req's (512MB of RAM and 2GB free, I fell short in the RAM department). I found this to be pretty easy to do. As I write this, Knoppix is being installed on the Thinkpad 390. Will it work only having 128MB of RAM and a 3GB drive? Dunno. Guess we'll find out. (grin)

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