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live show stuff

On Friday of next week (May 28) I will most likely be doing a one-hour live show. It's going to be for my YouTube crowd so the main topic will be guitar and music stuff, but you can talk about whatever.

As far as the time of the show, I haven't decided yet. It's either going to be 7, 8 or 9pm. Proabably 8 or 9.

The engine of choice I'll probably be using is Ustream because I'm used to the way it works. I can also admin the chat easily because I can do it old-school IRC style and that works the best.

I have a Livestream (formerly Mogulus) account, and I discovered recently I had two really, really old test videos in there that I posted a year and a half ago. I go in there to delete, and.. how do you do it? It doesn't say. I had to go to a search engine just to find out how to do it. Yeah, that sucks.

The Livestream interface is by far the biggest piece of crap when it comes to broadcasting yourself. It is nothing short of ridiculous how difficult they made the interface. It's also so Flash intensive that it slows down your browser to a crawl.

I have entertained the idea of using Stickam, and might use that instead of Ustream because they have the most reliable feed, but probably won't because I really don't feel like learning a whole new system when there's already one in place I'm very familiar with.

A few words on stream quality

Nobody gives a crap about video image quailty or sound quality as long as they can see and hear you clearly.

There's this magical mystical belief that in order to get more views and a better following, you should broadcast in "HD" with crystal clear CD-quality audio. This is obviously complete b.s.because no amount of video and/or audio quality improvement will make your content any better.

When it comes to video quality, you could be running at 5 frames a second an people would still watch.

When it comes to audio quality, AM radio quality is all anyone requires, i.e. 16kHz.

Anyway, I plan on doing a show next Friday and will post more updates on it later.

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