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picasa update

I've uploaded a crapload of photos since my last post. For the ones I tagged with locations, a seriously cool-ass feature is browsing the map.

You can click anywhere there's a photo on the map, or just click a photo on the left side. To note, only the photos with location tags will show up.

I'm quite certain I'll reach the limit of the free account before I'm done, so I'll have to fork over 20 bucks a year. Considering that's $1.67 a month, I think I can swing it. 🙂

boston weather

It rained in Tampa today. It wasn't hard rain but it made the sky a bit gloomy. Typically speaking, that's the worst Tampa weather gets aside from hurricane season.

Up in Boston however (as well as a large chunk of southern New England), Monday is predicted as not good, to the tune of 6 inches to a foot of snow. It'll start around midnight and get heavy when the sun comes out.

My sister lives there and I wish her safe travels.

At this point in my life I'm pretty much done with bashing New England weather. I've had my ha-ha's and "sucks to be you" commentary and all that. Whenever I hear of sucky weather reports for that area now, I feel sympathy for friends living there. Heck, I even feel empathy for those I don't know in those parts.

From January on, the only people who actually want the snow to stick around are skiers.

Everyone else on the other hand wants it gone.

See, the thing is that snow is tolerable during November and December because that's the Christmas season. The mindset is one of "Okay, yeah.. I hate the snow but it's good to have a White Christmas".

But right after New Year's the snow is nothing but a royal pain in the ass. The mindset is now saying "Okay, Christmas has passed! Go away, snow! GO AWAY.. please?"

Eventually it goes away, but not a day too soon.

The only weirdness that happens afterwards is that one pile of snow in the yard that absolutely does not melt until March. No one knows why this happens but yet it does. Half of you wants to go up and kick it, but the other half says "Nah. I want to see how long this snow pile lasts." Depending on how you feel that year is whether you kick it or not.

bttf dvd set

I drove to the mall today because I wanted to see if I could get Clerks X. The difference between the regular Clerks movie release and Clerks X is that it's a ten-year anniversary edition with more stuff on it. The movie is the same and the only reason you buy the X one is for the extras.

f.y.e. didn't have it. I may have to special-order that one.

However, they did have this monster sale on the Back to the Future DVD set. All three movies (parts 1, 2 and 3) were 18 bucks after tax. Can you believe it?

I plan on watching it later. The first one I've seen a ba-zillion times. But I don't think I've seen part 2 or 3 since they were released in the theaters.

Yep. Looooong time ago. 🙂


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