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my experience switching to youtube "one channel"

As a YouTube partner user (don't be impressed by that,) I got the ability recently to try out the new "YouTube One" option design, so I enabled it on my YouTube channel thinking I could switch back to the old design if I didn't like it, just like YouTube has done before.


After I switched over, there is no option to switch back, so I'm stuck with it.

I was pissed off about not having the ability to switch back to the old design, but I figured since YT is going to force this on everyone just like Facebook did with Timeline, I might as well grin and bear it.

Here's what I ended up with:


...and it wasn't easy.

When I tried to modify my channel using Firefox 19, that just wasn't happening. So I launched Google Chrome 25 and YouTube at that point "played nice" where I could change around things.

Also, if from the above your said to yourself, "Gee, that looks a lot like a Facebook profile," you're not the first to think that. The topmost portion where there's a banner + user icon is very similar to how Facebook pages looks. Functionality is totally different, obviously, but the look is similar.

What makes the new YouTube One design suck?

The angle with this YT design is that it's supposed to work on three different platforms (personal computer, smartphone/tablet, television,) but this comes at the expense of having a difficult user interface in order to make that happen, and taking away features.

These are the sucky things:

  1. No more tiled background option. All you've got is the banner image now.
  2. Way too many menus. A bevy of menus on the left, a drop-down button menu on top, another menu at extreme top right that's divided into two separate menus because Google has never been able to combine G+ and YouTube menus together correctly, an "add channels" menu - and that's just the top parts. The entire interface for a content producer is chock full of menus everywhere, and none of them are connected.
  3. Functions separated for no reason at all other than to just be annoying. In typical Google fare, the new YT system is oh-so obviously "designed by programmers," meaning little to no attention is given to making the system human-friendly in operation. Google is notorious for forcing "The Google Way" on you instead of just having a proper design out of the gate. Were it any other company, nobody would tolerate it. But since it's Goog and they're #1, we're forced to deal with these "innovations."
  4. "Feed" feature buried. This was the feature I used the most, and now YT has purposely buried it off a "home" icon. Not cool.

I tried in my best effort to make my channel as easy-to-use by getting rid of certain playlist boxes, purposely using vertical menus instead of horizontal crap, and I think it's, well, tolerable. :-)

YouTube hate

Nobody likes the new YouTube design. Read the comments on this article here to find out why. Heck, someone even put up an online petition because they hated the new design so much.

Not to sound like a defeatist or anything, but nobody is going to stop YouTube from forcing One Channel on everyone. Not happening. Goog is laying down the hammer; it's happening, and there's not a damned thing you can do about it...

...and that's why I decided to go for it now and get it over with. It's a bad design, but then again there has been no design change on YouTube since 2008 that's been any good.

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