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my first name, my last name, dot com

I've finished moving all my music stuff and it is now available at [edit: Domain I used to own]. Heretofore, anything to do with my music will be at that site, but I will still make announcements here concerning what I'm doing musically and whatnot.

[edit: Domain I used to own], compared to this site, is very simple. It's only one web page and done as sort of a "business card" résumé style thing. Works for me. Hopefully it will work for others, too. 🙂

I suggest to anyone to get a [you].com, as in [first name last name].com, especially if you're a business owner. Don't know how to program web pages? No problem, just have your web site forward to your MySpace page or whatever other web page you already use.

I mean, seriously, it's only fifteen bucks a year. You have no excuse. 🙂

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