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There were certain months of the year that I truly hated during my tenure in New England. The top 3 were January, February and November in that order.

I hated January the most because Christmas was very over (obviously) but you still had to deal with the craptastic cold, ice and snow. February was just an insult, because just when you thought winter was over, ha! Fat chance. Deal with it.

November held my #3 spot because of the deadness. I'll explain what that means in a moment.

September and October in New England look and feel awesome. It's cold enough to wear a jacket, but not bitter cold. People are at their happiest during that time of the year, as was I.

The first half of November isn't too bad but the warmth and color that was so nice (and so short-lived) quickly goes away once you hit the third week. Trees become barren skeletons. Daylight is either steel gray or steel blue, reminding you of the cold. Either color will give you the jibblies to varying degrees. Days are long because Daylight Savings Time ended, nights are nothing but pitch black and mornings are also pitch black.

There's a sense of deadness that looms all around when dealing with a northern November - even at high noon. The sun just seems too bright and you're constantly squinting. The trees creak and squeak in a way where you think one will break and topple over on you at any second. Even your own bed just doesn't feel right for some reason, and darned if you could figure out why. But you do know that once December comes those feelings and perceptions will go away.

In addition, November rain is something so depressing there was a hit song written about how it can seem like an impassable obstacle.

These days November isn't my third-worst month any longer. Now it's my favorite.

Florida's November is a stark contrast to one in New England. The sky is very blue, the clouds are fluffy and the days are filled with high-70s/low-80s highs and upper-50s/low-60s lows. The weather is best described as a Florida version of balmy.

I don't hate November anymore and haven't for some time now. November in Florida has no deadness to it whatsoever. And that's just plain awesome.

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