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In the IRC channel I frequent, someone saw a photo of me, then immediately typed..


I'm 32 years old at the time I write this.

Am I old?

Depends on who you ask. The chatter in question was in his teens.

Kids, teens and people in their early 20's think I'm an old fart.

People in their late 20's think of me as a sorta/kinda older sibling, if that makes any sense.

People in their 30's don't judge me by age.

People the age of 35 and up think I'm young.

Being in your early 30's means you're not young and not old either. You're in the middle - right before middle age which supposedly starts at 40 and ends at 65 which is "senior" territory. There is no name for the 27-to-35 category of age.

What does this all mean to me?

I'm over 30, uncool, not hip, and don't give a crap.

That's what makes me an adult.

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