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Old school Windows theme'ing

Some people see this...



When I use XP on my netbook, I purposely give it an old-school computery style. With Windows 7 I choose to go modern, but on the netbook I like the old-school look.

Something that's of no surprise to me is how many people don't know that you can change default menu fonts and the background color to anything you want. This has been a standard feature of Windows since 3.0. Combine that with some computery-looking fonts and you've got yourself something unique and easier on the eyes as far as I'm concerned.

The reason I'm not surprised why people don't know how to do this is because how to do it in XP is buried.

Run this first:


Choose this theme:


Go to Appearance and pick a color theme. Mine is a modified version of Slate:


After that click the Advanced button on the same screen. Change the item Active Title Bar to use the font Fixedsys, size 9 and unbold it by clicking the B button on right:


Click OK, Apply, OK. Done.

Modifying one of the color themes in XP is the easiest way to go about it. True, you could modify every single setting manually, but that's kind of a pain to do, so changing an existing color theme is much easier.

As you realize by now, this is done without any additional software; all this stuff is built-in to XP.

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