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One of the very few instances where I will compliment Gmail

I wanted to keep my old email address active but destroy all the spam that comes through it while publicly listing it on my web site and forwarding it to my new email address.

Sound impossible? It isn't. I found a solution. It's a bit quirky but wow does it work well.

Here's what I did:

I decided to forward all incoming mail to a Gmail account that I have, and put a filter on it that if it contains Mail2Menga anywhere in the mail, it forwards to my new address. If it's not there, it goes straight to the trash. On my contact page I put the instruction for those that do not know my new email address that if Mail2Menga isn't in the mail, I won't get it.

In addition, I also set up an auto-responder so that if anyone emails me, they'll receive instructions that Mail2Menga must be within the mail for me to get it.

Yes, I know, it's a wonky solution. But it does allow me to keep the email address public and 100% eliminate all the incoming spam to that account in one fell swoop.

Gmail was the key to all this because there was no other way I could do it. Gmail fortunately doesn't have any expiration if you leave an account dormant, and allows you to forward it anywhere for free, so using that mail service in this fashion was an amicable solution.

Doing this brought my spam to my Y! Mail account from about 50 to 100 a day down to less than 5.

That I can live with. 🙂

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