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one year

As of April 14 '07 I have been living in Florida for one year. Go me. 🙂

Sometimes you look back on things and think to yourself "Wow, where did the time go? It feels like I just got here yesterday!" I definitely do not feel that way. Connecticut and all of New England now truly feels like a world away. I know I've been here a while. Upon reflection, most of the past 365 days does not feel like a blur (I'll admit some of it does - but not all).

Reaching the one-year mark is just another indicator that yes, I'm a Floridian.

Earlier I was talking with Pop on the phone about this achievement, and I came to a realization.

Most people don't migrate.

I mean, sure, everyone wants to migrate (as in move away and roost somewhere else), but don't for one reason or another. Could be any number of things why they don't take the plunge.

In my situation, I had to. I needed something different, fresh and new where I felt I could thrive, and that's exactly what I got. Where I am now is the antithesis to where I used to live. I went from a place where the county population was a little over 110,000 to an area where it's over a million people - just for the county I'm in.

To put that in perspective: Hillsborough county in Florida has close to one third of Connecticut's entire population.

A-yup. Big state. 🙂

I have a few Florida-specific goals for the next 365 days.

I'll tag each one of these with the likelihood of whether it will occur in the next 365 days or not.

1. Go to more beaches particularly in the Tampa Bay area. Somewhat likely.

Trust me when I say that we've got plenty of 'em and there's more than enough to go around just in Tampa Bay alone.

I tag this as "somewhat likely" because in order to enjoy the beach you have to be with someone. Going to the beach alone sucks. Only girls do that. The only time I would is if I can find a beach where I can sit and enjoy myself in relative peace without the bother of other people around me. I'm sure that I will eventually find a place like that around here, but I haven't just yet.

Quick Florida factoids:

That's a whole lot o' coastal stuff.

2. Drive the coastline. Very likely.

Again, this is a Tampa Bay thing and it's fairly easy to do. To get the most coastline driving in that area you go from Clearwater Beach to St. Pete Beach.

I aim to avoid all the tourist traffic by literally driving this route at dawn. Besides which, how cool would it be to drive the coastline and watch the sun come up?

I do not know if there are any tolls along the way, but if there are, it'll be worth it.

3. Visit Miami, just to go. Not very likely.

Even for me, Miami is a really long way - as in 279 miles away. I don't know if I'll even like it, but I want to go just to say I've been there.

Oddly enough, there are more than a few Tampa Bay residents that have never been to Miami, or even the eastern side of the state - and these are people who have been here for years(!)

I tag this one as a "not very likely" only because it's really far away.

4. Visit Key West, just to go. Not likely.

If you thought Miami was far from me, Key West is even further (425 miles). In fact, you literally can't go any further south, else you'd be in the ocean. When you get into the keys, gone are the interstates. The only road is US 1.

I tag this one as a "not likely" because it's really, really far away.

Here's some factoids on US 1 (if you want to know more, get educated):

Per my last point above: US 1 is not like the interstate. Much of it is not straight. Lots of turns, twists, bends and so on.

For my Connecticut friends, if you're wondering where US 1 is in that state, it comes in from Rhode Island on West Broad Street in Pawcatuck.

So now you know, and knowing is half the battle. 🙂

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