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Page 21 Girl

I graduated from KHS in 1993. As I was scanning the Yahoo! Personals recently (yeah I do internet personals, sue me), I stumbled across an ad that looked like someone I knew.. well not really knew, but knew of.. well, you know what I mean. Anyway, I wrote her and just asked if she graduated from KHS in '93. A few messages were shot back and forth, then I chatted with her later. Yeah, she was someone I went to school with. I called her "Page 21 Girl" because she's on page 21 (duh) of the KHS yearbook from '93 - not to be confused with Page 3 girls.

I was thankful to finally come across someone that I graduated with that turned out okay. She still looks great, does the office job thing and has her things in order. Was I interested in dating her? Not really. She's too tall (I prefer girls 4'10" to 5'3".. maybe 5'5" tops if I have any choice in the matter). I just had to know if that was really her on the personals. We chatted for a while and she was very nice, not snobby, not conceited, a good internet chatter (God bless fast typers), and -whoa- she knew who I was once I told her.

Scary.. but yet not so scary. She was nice. Nice people count. (grin)

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