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On switching to a cheap mechanical PC keyboard


I gotta admit, this thing is awesome.

Been a long time since I've mentioned anything computery/nerdy related, but this is definitely worth talking about.

By nature, I am a dirt cheap computer user. There are two reasons I'm that way. First, tech is totally disposable. Second, tech goes obsolete so fast that it's not even worth putting money into.

This being true, I ordinarily only buy computer crap when it gets down to a price I consider to be a good deal...

...and the keyboard I just bought is one of those instances.

The keyboard I'm talking about is the AUKEY mechanical keyboard.

Why talk about this? If you care about typing feel at all, this is something that used to cost well over 100 bucks just to get. And now it's under $30.

This is what's known as a "blue" mechanical switch keyboard. Blue is in reference to the key switch mechanism. There's red, blue, brown, green, black and probably others. The two most common are blue and brown. The main difference between the two is that blue is a "click" style key and more of a typists keyboard, and brown is a "clack" style key. There are YouTube videos on it. Just search YouTube for "mechanical keyboard sound" and there are plenty of demonstrations on the sound differences for each.

Why do some people love mechanical keyboards so much? It's because rubber dome (the most common PC keyboard type) feels terrible. The mechanical is an attempt to get back to the buckling spring style of the IBM Model M, which some consider to be the greatest PC keyboard ever made. They command high dollars on eBay for better examples.

Why are new mechanical keyboards under 30 bucks now? From what I understand, it's because there was a patent on the key switch mechanisms that ran out. When that happened, clone keyboards started appearing. The AUKEY is one of those clones.

I've been using this keyboard for over a week now, and yeah, mechanical totally does live up to the hype. Usually this is a thing only used by gamers. I don't game. I type. A lot. And this is a damned good typist's keyboard.

Is it loud?

Compared to a rubber dome keyboard, oh yeah. Loud. Not ridiculously loud, but compared to a regular keyboard, very noticeable.

When you want a quiet PC keyboard, you have to go with a slim profile rubber dome. To get that for cheap, there's the HP Business Slim. I was using one of those before the AUKEY. I greatly prefer the AUKEY mechanical. No question about that.

I did search around for scissor mechanism style (what laptops use) keys in a PC keyboard but really couldn't find one. Or rather, I could, but they're all ridiculously expensive, so I gave those a miss.

The loud, clicky keyboard is just really, really nice. I'm glad I got mine. And I'll probably be getting a brown switch version soon just to see if I like it or not... but I'm pretty sure I'll stick with the blue switches. The feel and response is amazing.

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