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pecking orders

A few tidbits of info on how I handle myself socially on the internet.


I stopped participating on forums a while ago. In fact the last was one I ran myself when I was using phpBB as my comment system (this was way before WordPress). Prior to that I was making posts on a system on the Left Coast where the ugly nerd clique there reared it's ugly head and I got "spoken to" by a moderator.

The deal with forums is that I absolutely will not play power trip games. Admins are never the problem, it's the moderators. They take their "job" way too seriously and serve to do nothing but wizz in my Cheerios.

social media

The only social media I'm using with any sort of regularity these days is Twitter. Otherwise I barely use anything else because it's just too much crap to keep up with.

In addition I don't put a bunch of time, cash and effort into a blog only to "farm out" everything elsewhere when I could just type it here.

I'll put it to you this way: Were it not for twhirl, I wouldn't even bother using Twitter.


The only time I even bother to use IRC is when doing the computer live show thing. And to be honest the chatters in there are quite awesome. But the rest of the time I couldn't be bothered. I think the last time I used IRC semi-heavily was back when I was using dial-up, a long-ass time ago.

IRC is one of those internet subcultures I could just never get into.


This was something that was supposedly cool but turned out to be a big pile of crap. And of course I'm talking about Yahoo! Groups. Once it was found out that Yahoo! took a little too much interest in the content being pushed thru there they decided to lay down the banhammer, causing everyone to bolt from it. It never got its popularity back. One wonders why it even exists anymore.

Google groups is nothing more than Google'ized newsgroups. When diehard newsgroups users see anyone with a address posting they instantly peg them as noobs and tell them to get off the system. Not exactly a friendly environment.

my point to writing tihs?

If you want to know what's up and what I'm doing, come to my blog. Simple as that. 🙂


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