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Picasa vs. Flickr

Part of the reason I haven't been posting more photos is because it is a PAIN IN THE ASS to manage them.

I was (and still am technically) using Picasa. Why? Because the Picasa application kicks ass.


If you put too many photos in a single album, when you view it online it doesn't paginate. In other words, so much stuff is loaded in your browser it could crash it.

I don't use Flickr because there is no application like Picasa for it.

Or is there?

I was shocked to find out that Windows Live Photo Gallery DOES have the ability to publish to Flickr. YES YES YES! Now I have an actual true-blue good ol' app to manage my photos and publish to Flickr.

I had thought the WL-Photo app only posted to Spaces. Windows Live Spaces isn't that good because it's just too frickin' slow and hard to share with. Flickr is definitely better.

Now that I have the ability to post photos direct to Flickr using an app I may switch to it.

Maybe. 🙂 It depends if Flickr and I "get along" or not.

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