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Plug, unplug, repeat

I'm fast finding out that unplugging the AC Adapter along with my USB mouse and taking them with me every time I take the laptop somewhere is a severe pain in the ass. So I'm going to bite the bullet and buy a second AC Adapter and mouse. The mouse I can get cheap at Wal-Mart (I just don't like using the touchpad). The adapter I'll have to buy through Dell. Price: 29 bucks with $5.50 shipping for a total of $34.50. DAMN is that expensive, but, it's proprietary to the unit so I have to get it from Dell. Ugh.

I might actually go for one of those mini-mice. It does fit better in the laptop bag. The cord is shorter, too. Better yet, I could get a Bluetooth wireless mouse (ooh ahh). I wonder if it will need a battery or not. The whole reason I don't use wireless mice now is because of the stupid battery. Hm. I'll have to check that out.


Yes, the wireless still needs batteries. Blah. Guess I'll go corded.

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