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pop gets his map back

There were two houses I lived in when growing up. Both had loads of character, but the first one was cooler. Or at least it was when I was growing up. Now.. not so much. But that's another story.

My father's den was in the basement, carpeted and all with drop ceiling. The main portion of the den was sizeable, but there was a small corner converted into another area called the radio room. It was nothing but a desk with a ton of ham radio gear and a computer.

The table was mounted directly to the wall. Right above the table was a large paper world map. He used it to stick tacks into whenever he made a contact overseas.

Recently I was researching Rand McNally road atlases for work (in comparison to GPS) and it turns out they sell wall maps. In fact they have a whole section for it. And it turns out a 50x32 wall map was only 5 bucks. I asked Pop if he wanted one and of course he said yes.

I swear, if I knew about these before I would have bought him one years ago.

He received his map yesterday and will be mounting it on the wall - next to his ham radio rig, of course.

Similar radio setup, different state, different time, same map (or as close as I could get to it). Life is good. 🙂

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