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pop on chrome

My father's PC is a simple Dell box with Windows XP. It's as basic as basic gets because he needed something cheap that worked, and the Dell does a fine job in that respect. The only thing that ticked me off is that his old computer died literally a month before Dells started shipping with Windows 7. Oh, well.

Given the fact he's running XP means he cannot upgrade to IE9 once that's released, and that's a problem because I didn't want him using an old browser. I had him sit down in front of his computer, then I logged in remotely, installed Chrome with all default options and the only thing I had to show him was how to zoom in/out stuff from the 'wrench' menu.

He immediately liked the browser and especially liked that the address bar and the search bar are one and the same; it is rare when my father actually compliments software. I told him if he encountered any problems to tell me about it, but I don't think there will be.

Pop is the definition of a "browses the web and checks email" type of computer user, and as such I purposely set up his machine in all-on mode, meaning no ad or script blockers and everything enabled. To a geeky user like myself that's heresy, but to a 'normal' computer user, that's the type of setup that works best.

IE8 never really had any problems in the way Pop uses it, but the point is that once IE9 is released, IE8 is officially obsolete. And even though XP is obsolete, the browser is what matters. As long as a modern browser can run in XP like Chrome, Pop doesn't have to get a new computer box for a good long while.

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