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razr, snowbirds, winter

There's this little tale I want to write about Killingly Connecticut so bad.. you have no idea.. but I can't just yet until everything is set right. Yeah, I know that's cryptic, but seriously.. it'll be good. So watch for that in a later blog post.

For now, three things:

motorola razr v3m is a-comin'

So how did I manage to acquire a brand new super-cool cell phone?

It was free.

Verizon Wireless has this thing called "new every two" where you can upgrade your cell phone for free every 2 years - several of which are absolutely free.

There were 10 choices I had and I picked the Motorola RAZR V3m.

I should be getting my snazzy new phone today according to FedEx.

I picked the RAZR because it has USB and Bluetooth that will pair with my Garmin StreetPilot c580. If that works.. ohhh yeah. Good stuff. 🙂

This is without a shadow of doubt going to be the most advanced cell phone I've ever owned. And would you believe that it's considered "old" already?

Shyeah, whatever.. It was free. Like I care?

The phone is going to rock. It looks cool and it's functional. It also beats the ever-lovin' crap out of my LG VX3300 craptastic phone I'm using now. Yee-haw.


I've started to see out-of-state license plates already when driving around Tampa here and there. And I've seen a good number of RVs. This means the snowbirds are here and will be around for a several months.

Snowbird drivers are only a tad annoying but not really. They pretty much stay out of the way of everyone else, so in all honestly I really don't have any complaints about them other than they drive a bit too slow for Tampa.

The only snowbird drivers that tick me off are the RVers that take their mammoth vehicles in places they just shouldn't go, like oh.. I dunno.. a small 7-Eleven in the middle of a metro. And yeah, some of the moron RVers do that from time to time.

News flash to those idiots: You drive a four-ton (or greater) toaster oven on wheels and you CAN'T park that.. thing.. in an area meant for passenger cars. DUH. Could you please instruct your GPS to take RV routes only? It does have the capability. Use it.


February threw everyone for a loop up in the northeast US because they got blasted with snow. Again. At a time when no snow should happen. But it did.

It's safe to say it ticked everyone off something fierce up that way. Many blogs, YouTube video authors and so on were yappin' about it.

And yeah, they have good cause to. If I were still there I'd say the exact same thing, which is "WHAT THE.. HELL?! SNOW?! NOW?! (grumble grumble grumble)"

Concerning the stomping grounds, it's officially a crappy winter at this point.


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