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Changed my site template because I was bored; nothing new there. (grin)

Ben called earlier and we spoke for a bit. He received the DVD I made of Frosted TV Episode I but couldn't play it in his DVD player because it's a "burnt" DVD, so.. I gave him instructions on how to rectify that, i.e. get a new DVD player. 🙂

I also told him how the screenplay is coming along. The beginnings are set and I have a rough idea of how the story begins and ends but there's no middle - and that's the part(s) I have to fill in. It'll take some time to write it out but no big deal.

I caught a glimpse of a Maine plate that said TROGDOR on this recent H*R cartoon (it's very quick, you have to watch closely). Being that I used to live in Bangor it definitely got my attention. My opinion of it is this: The person who has this, whoever s/he may be is either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid. You be the judge.


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