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send in the clowns

For the past few days I've been noticing more than a few non-Florida license tags on the cars traveling the interstates. Most are from New Jersey, but I've seen some from Pennsylvania and Ohio, too.

This can only mean one thing.

The snowbirds and tourists are coming.

Concerning tourists: It's typical for people to start taking their forced vacations* as early as February.

(*Forced vacation: Many corporations force employees to take their vacation time whether they want to or not. Compared to years ago, you can't "save up" your vacation time any longer.)

Concerning snowbirds: I'm quite certain the recent wham-bam ice bucket style weather in the north made many say Screw THIS! and beat feet for Florida. To be honest, I don't blame them.

I'm fast approaching the one-year mark (which, by the way, is in April), meaning I've lived here for almost a year. I see these non-FL people on the roads and know most of them wish they could live here, but can't for whatever reason. And hey, that's cool, because as everyone knows, moving sucks. I won't sit here and say for a nanosecond that moving to FL is easy, because FL for many is really really far away. For some, a little too far away. But not for me. 🙂


Due to a recent e-mail from a relative that works as NASA, Pop is now back in communication with some family in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Texas and California. Once again, my web site has proven to be a good source of info concerning myself and my family. A relative will search the internet for me (or Pop) by name, find my web site, find me, then send an e-mail.

I usually act as a relay to Pop, because honestly speaking, if I posted my Pop's e-mail address here, people would get confused. Reason? His name and my name are almost identical. What I do is if I receive an e-mail, I will forward it to him, then call to let him know it's coming, then he receives the mail and takes care of family stuff appropriately. It works out well.

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