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Sick / Ad stuff

I took a day off from work today because I'm sick. It's the same thing my pop had earlier this week. Fortunately for him, it was a 24-hour thing. I am hoping I will be as fortunate.

I slept in and that felt good, but my back ached a bit when I woke up. It's still a little sore. When I finally get into the shower I should be feeling a little better. I haven't yet (gross I know, but give me a break, I'm sick). Later on today (if I'm up to it) I will head over to the post office to pick up the mail. After that I'm not doing much else.

Being that I'm sick and bored, I decided to give the other mag I mentioned a call. They are willing to accept ads I submit to them which is really cool (as in the graphic itself). I was provided the dimensions (width/height) and I've put together something which I hope will work. The only thing that's concerning me is that graphics look different in print compared to what they are on the computer screen. If I antialias the fonts, will they appear "fuzzy" in print? Should I just not antialias at all? I will have to get back to the people at the mag and ask what is best for print. After all, I want my ad to look as good as possible.

I've decided to go with two months of advertising in this mag. The price is very reasonable. Originally I was going to go with three but decided not to do that. I think I will know in two months whether the ad is actually going to work or not. Once I get the ad all done and it's to the mag's liking, I'm going to commit and go for it.

Will the ad work? I have no idea. That's half the "fun" of it I suppose. Lord knows I've spent more than I'm willing to admit on advertising in the past. Some worked. Some didn't.

But, compared to some - at least I try.

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