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Site stuff

This is your captain speaking. To the left you will see some flags of the world. Aaaaaand if you look to the right you'll see a sidebar with some site presto change-o links on it. That is all. Enjoy your flight. [krrrrsshhtt]

I was messing around with cookie sessions, php and stylesheets and now I have the functions on the right side. They work rather nicely I must say. I have not one but three different scripts that make that whole thing work (text size, font, color). I more or less did it because some days I want a big font, some days a small font, some days a dark site, others a light site, et cetera... Now I can choose (as can you) what I want for a look at whim.

The flags on the left are actually translator links to different world languages. I have a reason for this - I was chatting with someone from Germany today and thought it best to put some translator links up to make it easier for international visitors to read this place. More come here than I thought.. so it was definitely in order. While it's true the translators will not "understand" any of the slang, it's better than nothing.

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