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Socials, phones and shower heads

Got a lot of things done today.

I visited the SSA office. They informed me that it is not required for me to change my address as far as they're concerned unless I'm receiving a benefit from the SSA (which I'm not). I may however apply for a new SSA card because mine is really old and worn.

I finally have a phone; a local one that is. I've been using my old cell phone and racking up the roaming minutes (that completely sucked) but now I have a new phone from U.S. Cellular. Pop bought the phones and got one for himself as well so I owe him big for that.

I installed a new shower head in the upstairs bathroom. Just moved into a new house and the existing shower head completely sucked. It was old and the water spray was terrible, so I headed to the local hardware store, picked up an adjustable wrench, teflon tape and a ten-dollar six-setting shower head. The install took less than ten minutes. Nice'n'easy.

More thoughts on shower heads:

A shower head is one of the most easiest things to install on the planet. For the life of me I can't understand why people would settle for anything less considering how cheap they are. The one I purchased has six settings on it and the water now sprays evenly and makes the whole washing experience ten times better. It's completely worth it to take ten minutes (or less) out of your life to install one. Even if you know absolutely nothing about shower heads, you can learn to do it in less than five minutes. Trust me, it's worth it.

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