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some words from the charter member of the over 30, uncool and don't care club

The "Over 30, uncool and don't care" club (which I invented) only allows members in that are ages of 30 to 39. When you hit 40 that's the middle-aged club. When you hit 65 that's the seniors club. There's no more clubs after that.

If you're over 30 and under 39, you're in the club. This club has two chapters, the first being the married (this includes people that are divorced or separated) and second, the never-married.

I belong to the second chapter.

Something I've been noticing over the years is that there are more second chapter members than there used to be - and that number is growing. Lots of us out there never married and moreover don't want to. We see the institution of marriage as something we really couldn't be bothered with. And yes, we do consider it a bother. Upon examination of all the legal b.s. involved we'd rather just go the single route instead.

This legal b.s. I speak of is not just in reference to what's on paper. We've seen what our friends have gone thru. They get into fights with each other that inevitably leads to divorce and then a huge contest over who owns what. If there's kids involved it's even worse.

You witness things like that and is just makes those in the second chapter say "Fuggit, what's the point?"

It's not that second chapter members don't have the capability to sustain a lasting relationship. All of us can, but luck wasn't on our side in the relationship department. To the first chapter members that are married and have a good thing going, more power to them because it's so rare to have a marriage work in this day and age. They got lucky; we didn't.

My honest opinion is that second chapter members should get together and hang out if for nothing than just for something to do. None of us want to hear sob stories about bad husbands or wives because we couldn't care less. Rather all we want to do is just go out from time to time and enjoy.

I'll bet anything that if I got the word out to second chapter members that there would be a meet-up where we could do things like this - they'd flock together like geese. It would work.

Hey, it could happen. 🙂

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