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Just got a call from the guy who wasn't there at practice today. Didn't go too well. He says he called at 3:30pm to say he had to leave. I checked my phone records (Vonage allows instantaneous access at any time) and there isn't any call recorded at that time. I checked my cell phone to see if it was forwarded to there (Vonage forwards calls in case of a network outage), no luck.

Yes, I believe him when he says he called. The last time a "phantom call" happened with Vonage was several years ago. The network has been upgraded substantially since then, but who knows... he might have hit the one-in-a-billion chance of a network blip and the voicemail was lost.

I had to hang up because I was just too ticked off to talk. Had I stayed on the phone I probably would have said something I shouldn't have.

Tomorrow is another day.

-- edit --

Called the guy, patched things up. Everything's back to normal. 😉

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