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sunday's outing

Last Sunday I went to Big Top Flea Market as I wrote about before, and here's what I have to say about it.

First, I'm amazed this thing is run every weekend all year round considering how large it is.

Second, this is like the Woodstock Fair I used to attend back at the stomping grounds, but it's way cleaner, more efficient, and has better products.

Third, the "only a dollar" vendors are awesome. I picked up a 16 AAA battery pack for two bucks. Nice.

Fourth, the parking was EASY. Very cool. I wasn't fighting for a spot or anything like that.

Fifth, the inside of the place is loaded with high-powered fans. This is good because Florida was hot. The only time I was bothered by the heat is whenever I went outside a building.

Overall, a good experience. I will definitely be going again.

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