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The differences between Facebook and blogs

Some people think there's no difference between Facebook and a blog save for they believe (incorrectly) that a blog is more difficult to use.

The main difference between Facebook and a blog is that the blog content is in your control while Facebook content is out of your control.

"That's not true! I have complete control over all the stuff on my FB account!"

Do you really?

On FB, you cannot:

Let's not forget that when you're viewing your own FB wall, go to the bottom and click "older posts", the content shown is added to the existing page and not broken into multiple pages like, oh, I dunno, every other content posting system on the internet? Heck, even MySpace was smart enough to at least break up content by page. And that's really sad when you can say MySpace is actually better at content handling than FB is, given MySpace is such a piece of crap.

I feel most sorry for those using IE with Facebook, because when you hit "older posts" and go 7 or 8 levels deep (which is really easy to do by the way), the browser s-l-o-w-s.. d-o-w-n.. a-n-d... crash. Yes, this means that a whole bunch of people can't even get to their older wall posts. And being you can't sort at all, there's no way to sort by reverse date so the old stuff for most people using FB is buried.. forever? Pretty much.

Blogs on the other hand can do every single thing in the list above with absolutely no threat of hosing your browser at all.

So there you have it. The difference between a blog and Facebook is control of content. With blogs you have total control. With FB you have little to none.

The only advantage with FB is the social aspect - but everything (and I mean everything) else about the system is absolute garbage.

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