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the focusing

I've changed a few things around per my content on other parts of the web. Nothing drastic, but it's an attempt to get more focused with certain things.

This blog on this site will always be my personal journal and I can't really see it being anything else, so not much is going to change here. Maybe there will be a minor redesign, but not much else.

On my YouTube channel I private-flagged a bunch of videos because I want that place to be exclusively music-focused. There were no vids that were embarrassing or anything like that. It's just that my audience has come to expect music stuff there and nothing else because, well, that's the bulk of the content. The only non-music vids are the first two. One is me taking off from CLE and the other the Back To The Future vid from Universal Studios. I like the CLE one because it's from '06. The BTTF vid has over half-a-million views, so I keep it there for traffic purposes.

Every public vid on my YouTube channel now has a 'bug' at the bottom right corner which simply reads [edit: Domain I used to own]. That domain is one I've had for a while but never really did anything with, but soon will as it will be my 'pro' presence for my music stuff. Yes, I had to edit each video manually to put that in there and wow did it take a long time, but I did get it done.

Due to the fact China doesn't allow Facebook or YouTube, I opened up a Tudou page [Correction: decided on using a Youku page instead because I like that site better link dead, sorry]. Tudou is a China-based video sharing site that allows citizens of the PRC to view my videos. In basic terms, it's the only way I can get anyone in the PRC to actually see my vids and hear my music. China is after all the most densely populated country in the world, and if I can get fans from there, so much the better. I have no idea whether having a Tudou page will work or not for China web traffic purposes, but I figured it's worth a try.

Yes, a music release is on the horizon. When will it be finished? Not sure just yet. Will I be posting it to iTunes? That's heavily leaning towards a yes.

If you like my tunes and want to know when it's released, I strongly suggest become a fan on my FB page.

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