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the impending shitstorm that is youtube one channel

The next shitstorm from YouTube will soon be unleashed on the unsuspecting masses of asses, and it's called YouTube One Channel.

First of all, I don't know if this is something that's just going to be for partner users or everyone. Being this is talked about on "Creators", which is the YouTube partner/creator blog, I'm assuming it's just for partner types. And yes, I am a YouTube partner if you weren't aware, although that doesn't matter for much these days, so don't be impressed by it.

So YouTube is rolling out the One Channel design. On the blog link above, you'll see the vast majority of comments concerning the layout are decidedly negative. In other words, everyone hates it.

Personally, what I seriously do not understand is why YouTube purposely makes the design more difficult for each UI it releases; this goes against every single internet design standard there is. And this is not one of those design things where "going against the grain" turned out something good, because it's just plain bad.

Fortunately, someone posted a YouTube vid showing the differences between the mid-2000s design, late 2000s design, 2010s design and the new upcoming One Channel:

Where this particular YouTuber is incorrect is that yes, you can change things around as far as new design is concerned - but (and this is the kicker) - it's exceedingly difficult to do so. The template method of doing it is far more difficult than just clicking to choose your colors and then uploading a background image like it was in the earlier designs.

You can also see how YouTube went from a very community-based site to nothing but cold, corporate crapola.

Kinda sad, actually.

Will the hobbyist have anywhere to post videos to in the future?

As long as the internet exists, there will be people who will post videos. There was video pre-YouTube and there will be video post-YouTube, with post-YouTube being, "the YouTube that took the "you" out of it completely and replaced with with plastic 'professional' garbage".

If YouTube was gone tomorrow, everyone would probably flock over to Vimeo, but I seriously believe that Vimeo absolutely does not have the bandwidth to command the traffic Google does. The end result would be Vimeo would go down and down hard.

If anything, people would have to flock over to using non-American video sharing sites like China's Youku or Russia's Rutube.

What would I do personally if YouTube went away? I'd host video right here on my site. It would have to be low-res for bandwidth considerations, but yeah I could do it. And in fact, I may start doing just that anyway because it loads so much faster than YouTube's overworked servers.

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