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the list

As an Aries I sometimes have a hard time getting things done. Why? Most of the time it's because I simply forget. This isn't to say I'm absent-minded. When I get on track with something I see it thru.

Online to-do lists and things of that sort are darn near worthless to me. That's because I can tune out online stuff easily since I'm on the internet so much.

I got an e-mail reminder to do something? Okay, yeah whatever. Read it. Moving on...

That's what happens for personal stuff. For work stuff I give that 100% of my attention, but for personal... nah. 🙂

What I've started to do is write a list. Yes, the good ol' pen-to-paper kind. I have a little memo pad that currently has 20 to-dos listed. Eleven of them are finished currently. And the number of things I have to get done will obviously increase.

It's nice to cross off stuff once finished.

My advice to anyone that says "Hey that sounds like a good idea" and wants to start writing list(s) of their own is to make your items realistic.

For example, don't write down "Buy a house." That's just way too huge. Just break down what you need to do into realistic goals.

Physically writing down what you need to get done cements it in my mind much more than any online means.

I guess it just goes to prove that some things are better left off the computer.

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