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the perils of dvd menu creation and other random crap

how long does it take...

How long does it take to do something as simple as make a DVD menu (for a project I'm working on for work)?

Over four hours.

Ugh. But, on the bright side, I know now how to do it and will never.. ever forget how to do it again. 🙂

looks like another cold vernal equinox in the north

Judging by what I've been reading on blogs authored by my New Englander friends that live in New England (obviously), every last one o' them is praying for a volcano to erupt in the center of town so the cold just goes away. Figuratively speaking.

it's still a mystery to me

To this day, I absolutely cannot understand why people cannot remember that is the address of this web site. Moreover, people I know personally can't remember it either. Actually, hang on.. that's not entirely true. Some do remember. But some still don't.

It stands to reason that if you've been to a web site more than ten times, you'll probably remember its address unless it has a really long weird-ass name to it. But mine doesn't. Menga dot net. That's it. Five letters with a dot-net after it.

I've heard of people having short attention spans, but sheesh..

Maybe if my domain name was it would be more memorable.

You watch. Someone will register that domain now that I've written it on my web site. But it won't be me. 🙂

not that you didn't know this already

Radio Shack sucks. I went there to pick up a part for a friend today. It was 7:55pm. They close at 8pm. Got to the door. Locked. Some college kid behind the counter looked at me, waved his hand under his chin with the "go away - we're closed" maneuver. So I left.

This is yet another reminder never to shop there. It's only a matter of time before that crappy company goes under. I remember when they didn't suck and had electronics for really good prices.


in case you're having a crappy day..

Watch a guy getting blasted with a paintball gun ten times.

Well, I think it's funny.

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