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the thumbs down patrol

One of the worst things ever invented on the internet are community ratings. On YouTube there are one to five-star ratings, with five being the best. They also have the thumbs up/down feature for comments. On Facebook there's the "like" feature. Other blogs have like/dislike thumbs up/down crapola on content and comments.

Concerning YouTube, its community is a complete piece of crap, so rating abuse is rampant. People on that site will "downvote" you simply because they have nothing better to do. I'm not kidding. I get downvoted routinely for every new video I post. Par for the course.

On Facebook there have been several campaigns to introduce a "not like" thumbs down feature. Were this ever to be real it would be an absolute disaster. Think about this for a second. People take Facebook so seriously that a thumbs down could literally end a friendship. We're talking an unbelievable amount of drama infested b.s. here due to a tiny graphic that indirectly says, "you suck". That is not what Facebook needs. If you support the need for a "not like" feature for wall posts, reconsider.

WordPress, which is the engine that runs this blog, has the ability to add in a plugin that would enable community ratings. Not gonna happen. Ever. Ratings invite drama. This blog is 100% drama-free and I intend to keep it that way. 🙂

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