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the unhiding

I started uploading videos to YouTube back in 2006 when the site was very young, very wild and you could basically upload anything you wanted, so I did.

Then this thing came along called being a "partner", and I tried to go for that and failed miserably.

After that, I was offered monetization which for all intents and purposes is being a "half-partner"(?) Whatever. Tried that and failed again with this lovely little canned notice (which I received several times per each video I tried this with) from YouTube:

Dear rmenga,

Thanks for submitting your video "1989 Squier Stratocaster Blues" ( for monetization.

Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your monetization request. To monetize a video, you need to be able to provide adequate documentation that you own the necessary commercial use rights for all video elements.

If you can prove commercial use rights for video(s) you've already submitted, please visit to provide documentation.

Please note that we reserve the right to determine whether to monetize a video. YouTube might also disable monetization for users who repeatedly submit videos that are not eligible for monetization. If you currently have videos pending review, you can choose to opt them out of monetization by visiting and clicking the "Monetize" link for the respective video.

Thanks for your understanding,

The YouTube Team

Okay, YouTube, whatever. I'm done playing your games.

In an effort to make a buck off YouTube, I purposely set a bunch of videos to "private" status back in August 2011. They were anything I had that wasn't music/guitar-related. When I did that, this is what happened:


That really sharp dip in traffic you see above is when I set a bunch of videos to private in August. When I private-set all my video game and dopey videos (like this one), traffic dropped like a brick.

YouTubers like dopey videos and that's just the way it is. And since at this point I'm totally done playing YouTube's games with monetization crap, I just said screw it and un-private'd a whole bunch of them.

And yes, this also means I brought back all my synth videos like this one and this one and this one and this one. I don't want to be known as a synth player and I'm very reluctant to let people know that fact (mainly because I can't stand playing keys live), but it is something I do on occasion so I might as well have them out there.

With all the vids I now have un-hid, hopefully my video traffic will get ramped back up to where it was before.


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