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the wrong side of the palm tree

Earlier in the week a neighbor said he'd flip me a few bucks if I could help move a bed (I'm one of the few guys in my complex with a pickup truck). I said sure, no problem.

The place where the bed was proved to be interesting, to say the least. It was a complex a few miles away, and after you entered the lot you just knew it wasn't safe. There were a bunch of low-renters (use your imagination) hanging out in front who were all loud and obnoxious until we pulled up. Then they suddenly went silent and stared at us. This means they were doing not-so legal stuff.

We had to go back twice. First for the box spring and mattress and the second for the headboard and backboard. Fortunately both times were quick and didn't have to stay long.

As with any major city like Tampa Florida, there are good apartment complexes and bad ones. I am fortunate enough to be in a good one.

I have the benefit of experience seeing both small town and big city bad neighborhoods.

Where I come from is no stranger to crime. Areas like that in tucked away places are havens for those that don't want to be found. And while the crime rate is lower, that's only because there's less people. There are streets and roads I know from there that I bet are still bad to this day.

That scenario I described above? The same thing happens in certain parts of where I grew up.

Some things don't change no matter where you are, I guess.

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