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Yesterday I noticed the electric windows in my truck were rolling down slower than usual but didn't pay too much mind to it because I figured they just needed a cleaning.

Today I go to unlock the truck from the keyfob and the parking lights didn't even flash.


The battery was near-dead. The gauge pod lights came on but the engine wouldn't even turn.

I just called AAA a moment ago and they'll be out in a little while to jumpstart the truck. In addition they'll also be bringing along a new battery which I may or may not buy depending on how much it is. I noted to the call center to bring it with the option of buying it and they were cool about it.

The battery isn't a big deal but I'm praying the alternator isn't shot, because that's a $300 job (cost of alternator and install) - in addition to the cost of the battery.

-- update --

Alternator didn't need replacement. New battery installed.

How it all went down:

The AAA guy didn't have a battery that would fit my truck so I had to go to the local Goodyear Gemini place. They took the truck in, charged me for an inspection (booooo) and a new battery. Total cost: $158. Bastards.

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