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google apps update

I've been using Google Apps for my primary domain mail for eight days now.

One word: Awesome.

This is, by far, the best mail I've ever used. I love the fact I can access it from anywhere, I love the fact the servers send and receive mail almost instantaneously and everything in between.

I only wish they had an interface as cool as Yahoo Mail, but with Gmail's features. Then it would be perfect.

biz update

For the first time since being in FL, I finally got around to taking some proactive steps to re-launch my biz. Yesterday I made a crapload of phone calls, got all (yes, all) of the info I needed to make this thing work again, and now what I have to do is program my biz site so it can do the things I want it to.

I know a few of you out there have been checking my biz site periodically only to see a "coming soon" page for months now. Soon enough it will have something different and useful. 🙂

stomping grounds update

When I first moved to FL it appeared as if I moved here the wrong year weather-wise, due to the fact December and most of January of '06 were lovely in Connecticut. A running joke with some of my friends is that I should have left a year later because I might have actually enjoyed the weather up there from '06 to '07.

Well.. it isn't a joke anymore. 🙂

Since February, a huge chunk of CT (including the area where I grew up) is getting slammed with all sorts of crap and a lot of it. It's April, and there's flood warnings all over the place, sleet which turns into that oh-so-lovely slush that makes it near-impossible to keep your car clean, high winds, and on and on and on.

Repeat: In April.

The fortunate part? Slush and rain at least doesn't freeze during this time of year.

The unfortunate part? All this crap should have left before March.

How am I fortunate? I'm not there.

Let me put it to you this way: Last weekend I drove up to Sarasota with a friend and drove smack dab into the middle of a storm. Torrential rains all over the place, high winds, etc.

But it's just rain. The rain was warm with virtually no debris on I-75.

To all my friends in CT, trust me, you're WELL PREPARED to handle anything Florida could throw at you. After dealing with the onslaught of crap, rain and winds won't faze you. Not a bit. You'll be saying to yourself (as I do from time to time) Well.. at least it's not frozen.


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