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trying e-cigs

For a while I've been entertaining the idea of trying e-cigarettes. I've known about them for at least two years now, but didn't bother with it because I wanted something that contained zero nicotine.

For me, the act of smoking is the truly addictive part and not the nicotine. Absolutely none of the anti-smoking products out there cover this. Patches and gum obviously don't give you the feeling of holding the cigarette in your hand nor the inhaling/exhaling process. E-cigs, on the other hand, do.

I finally found a company in North Carolina that does in fact sell e-cigs with non-nicotine cartridges, blucigs. Yesterday I ordered the starter pack and it will be arriving next week.

Will this be the one that gets me off regular cigarettes permanently? I hope so. I've already read a few commentaries from others where they say that once you get used to these, you hate regular smokes afterward, and that's exactly what I want to happen.

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