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two to one

It's 12:58am as I write this. Yeah. Going to wake up grumpy tomorrow for sure. Actually, no. I'll wake up quite happy. Why? I'm officially in a relationship again. Yep. I'm a boyfriend to a very pretty girl. And I think she's quite the awesome catch if I do say so myself. 🙂

Chances this relationship will work out: Good. Reason? We have a lot in common with each other; something I've found to be very important. She knows and understand Aries tendencies. And in case you're wondering, she's a Gemini. A lovely one.

Another indication the relationship has a good chance of working out:

Her: I wonder what our first fight will be about?

Me: Probably about how I'm right and you're wrong.

Her: (smacks me on the ass) I don't think so.

Yeah. It'll work. 🙂

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