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unfinished business

I have a friend back in CT that I'm going to (hopefully) visit next year to go on a leaf peeping trip. It was undecided where we should go.

Not anymore. I know exactly where to go.

Mount Greylock.

I have actually visited this place before. It was on a class trip a really long time ago circa early 90s. The memories I have of that place are far-gone and faded unfortunately.

But I do remember places there that, said very honestly, are nothing but surreal.

Massachusetts, much like Florida, is one of those places where you can dive into metropolis or escape to wild serenity.

To describe the serenity of each is very difficult to put into words, but I'll give you a small example.

Today as I was driving back from Sam's Club in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of that which is the Tampa Bay area, I sat at a stop light, breathed in deep and took in the scent.

This smells just like the air I remember when going on family vacations when I was little.

Then I looked around.

It's awesome to live here.

That same feeling happened at Greylock all those years ago. Maybe the thoughts weren't exactly the same, but it was the feeling of being content. Peace.

Greylock is on my to-do list, even if it does sound like a semi-famous hero's keep.

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