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I found some dandy acoustic performances on YouTube recently. Check these out before they get taken off. 🙂

Queensryche - "I Will Remember"
The thing that amazes me about Queensryche is that they sound exactly like they do in the studio in this song - a feat that can only be done by a select few.

KISS - "Beth"
Obviously an acoustic song from the get-go, but Peter Criss' vocals on this one are spot on perfect. Gene's bass is a bit overbearing, but forgivable.

Steve Miller - "The Joker"
The only musician in this one is Steve himself. Impressive. And sounds great.

Stone Temple Pilots - "Crackerman"
This song rocks just as hard as the electric version. Very well done.

Oasis - "Sunday Morning Call"
This one I'm putting here because of the YouTube comments. There are many that say "better than the album". Makes you wonder if they should have done it this way to begin with? I love the wurly-style keyboard heard. Very 70's sounding but very cool.

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