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Update on my anti-smoking

So far, so good.

Since switching to e-smoking, it's been 73 days since my last tobacco smoke.

Okay, actually that's not true. I did have a carton of smokes that I kept just in case I fell off the wagon. But I didn't, and enough time passed where I felt comfortable throwing them all out. Before I did that, I lit up one smoke as a fare-thee-well of sorts. I didn't even get 5 puffs out of it before I started feeling sick, so I put the thing out and tossed it along with the rest.

I was happy that the tobacco smoke made me feel ill, because it truly means I now have an aversion to tobacco smoking.

Did I truly give up smoking?

Yes and no.

Yes, I gave up tobacco smoking 100%. Other than the one time I lit up for less than 2 minutes before tossing out the carton, I've been 100% tobacco-free.

No, because I e-smoke.

What I can say without any hesitation whatsoever is that my health has improved greatly. I breathe a whole lot better. Taste a whole lot better. I'm not nearly as lethargic as I used to be. I don't cough anymore. I don't have bad phlegm anymore. I smell better (obviously). My eyesight has improved. And there's a whole bunch of other things that have improved about my health.

Have I suffered any side effects?

No, because I did my research first. I understand the difference between PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) e-liquids and knew ahead of time that VG was always the better, safer choice.

The only side effect I did suffer mildly from had nothing to do with e-smoking, and that was the lack of nicotine my system was used to from tobacco smoking. But my body has adjusted to the lower levels. I now routinely e-smoke the lowest-nicotine amount e-liquid available, 8mg. And yes, I will be trying 0mg soon once I feel comfortable enough to do it.

Important note to those thinking of trying e-smoking to quit tobacco:

I, like many other smokers, thought I was only addicted to act of smoking and not the nicotine. I was wrong. At first I tried nothing but the low-level nicotine e-liquids and was constantly puffing away too much and running down the batteries trying to get my fix. When I bumped up to 16mg, I leveled out appropriately, then slowly went down to 8mg. It is not just the act of smoking you're addicted to. You are addicted to a high level of nicotine, so expect to start off at a higher nicotine level of e-liquid at first so you can wean off it slowly to avoid any "jonesing" of sorts.

Am I truly on the path to quitting smoking 100%?

As I said at top, so far, so good. The tar and high-level nicotine is successfully out of my system now, and I've not been tempted to go back to tobacco smokes.

When I walk into a convenience store, I don't get the craving when I see the rows of cigarettes available for sale behind the counter, where it would be all too easy to plunk down some money and buy a pack.

I also don't feel any need to "celebrate" not smoking by smoking tobacco. Ex-smokers do that a lot where they'll cheat "a little bit", fall off the wagon and go right back to smoking again. I've not done that because I don't feel the need to, nor do I feel the temptation.

The tobacco along with all its negative crapola is out and staying out, and that's the success story. Now I'm just weaning off nicotine slowly but surely. As I said above, at some point I'll switch from the 8mg to the 0mg, and then just plain stop for good.


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