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While my DVD collection may not very large, it is enough to fill up one of those zipper-bound DVD case things. Every night when I hit the treadmill, I watch part of a movie (because I obviously don't use the treadmill for two hours straight).

Before starting my exercise, I scanned thru my collection. I've seen just about everything in there well more than twice.

So I headed out to Wal-Mart to pick up a flick, and I wasn't going back until I had something interesting to watch.

My plan was not to spend over twenty bucks.

I'm perusing the movies available. First I check the new releases.

These all suck.

Then I checked out the bargain bin.

These all really suck.

Now I'm getting desperate. I check out what I call the "everything else" stuff.

I look.

And look.

And look.

And then whammo.

The Indiana Jones box set. We've got Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade, plus a fourth disc with craploads of behind the scenes and documentary footage.

I look at the price.

Forty bucks.

I put it back.

I pick it up again.

I put it back.

I pick it up again.


I bought it.


I just finished watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. I smiled, I laughed, I FRICKIN' LOVED IT.

Definitely a worthy addition to my collection.

And I still have two more to go plus the bonus disc.

Kick ass. 🙂

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