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Weather Bingo

During this time of year I like to play what's I call Weather Bingo with Pop. This is where I will go load up the current temperatures for certain areas of the US, call Pop and have him guess what the temps are. He's always been a weather buff and likes this sort of stuff. I'm not as much into it (I still don't understand what barometric pressure is all about,) but he is.

To play Weather Bingo you need to pick five locations. If you get all five, you get Bingo. The five I use are where I live, where Pop lives, the stomping grounds, and two other areas of New England.

I consider any guess a point if you get it within two degrees. For example, if the temperature is 72 and you guess 70, 71, 73 or 74, that's a point.

The best locations to pick are ones you either used to live in or know friends/family (or ememies) there.

Guessing gets more difficult if you specifically pick coastal areas, because they get swells and fronts that make guessing more of a challenge.

You can actually get three games out of it per day, that being the highs, the means and the lows. You can also do "right now" temps as well.

I find the best place to check weather quickly is Weather Underground. Just go there and punch in a ZIP or City/State and mash your enter key. Easy.

It just turned the stroke of midnight as I write this, so here are the temps:

Where I live (Tampa, Florida): 78° F

Where my father lives: 75° F

Where I used to live (stomping grounds): 40° F

Where my sister lives: 40° F (different locale but same temp as stomping grounds)

Where I used to live for a short period of time way up in Northern New England: 34° F

Cold weather, said honestly, seems surreal to me now.

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