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weight update, december 2020


An update on my weight situation.

Being this is the time of year right before everyone gorges themselves and then right after that makes a New Year's Resolution to get the weight off, I figured now was the time to talk about my weight and how I'm doing.

Summed up, I'm doing very well. My BMI is 21.8 at the time of this writing.

If unfamiliar with BMI (Body Mass Index) where numbers are concerned, BMI 25 is overweight, BMI 30 is obese class I, BMI 35 is obese class II, and BMI 40 or over is obese class III, a.k.a. morbidly obese.

To put this in perspective, I would have to weigh 84% more than I do now to be BMI 40. Not quite two of me, but close.

To put this in even more perspective, the average American man's BMI is 26.6. Yes, that means the average man in the USA is overweight.

21.8 is just about where I want to be and I'm very okay with that...

...but there have been some diet changes.

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