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why blogging is the best, twitter second best and youtube the worst

There's a lot of crap being slung around about YouTube's future. A lot of people are saying that user-created content is simply doomed.

It was doomed from day one.

YouTube is basically nothing but a huge public access cable channel on the internet. It's full of crap and always has been. For every good video, there's at least 100,000 bad ones.

Google has never made one dime off YouTube. And the only way they'll ever be able to change that is to kill off all user-created content altogether. They will have to "go corporate" so to speak because that's where the money is.

The internet runs on text. Text is the best thing on the internet, period. It's the most basic form of communication and it's cheap. Whenever you get into binary files (i.e. images and video), that's where it starts costing you.

To put this in comparison, a single video could easily be 500,000 blog posts, and that's not even scratching the surface. When I say text is cheap, it's dirt cheap.

Blogging is the best thing for content creation on the internet. And if full blogging is not your thing, micro-messaging (Twitter) is the next best. You can push out text at whim and it's stupidly easy to do. And it doesn't cost you anything. It's a good bet that you will never reach any bandwidth limitation from text alone.

Furthermore you don't have to prep yourself for text. You don't have to worry about how you look or sound. You don't have to rehearse to make things sound just right. You just type, hit send or publish and that's that.

Vloggers (video bloggers, i.e. talking heads) should simply hang up their cameras and become bloggers.

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