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Why me..

Remember that trade mag I was talking about a while back up north? Here's an update on that. No, I won't link the mag because I don't want to start any trouble, so don't ask. 😉


I got the trade mag and thumbed through it. Looks pretty good. I decide that yes, I will post an ad.

I sign up for a free online account from the mag's web site. They have both online and print advertising capabilities. Looks promising. The way they have you pay for advertising is through "credits". The price is very reasonable - but I don't buy just yet.

The mag has two sections. One is simply entitled "classifieds", the other is "b2b", a.k.a. "Business-To-Business". Since I was intending on running a business style advertisement, this is the place I should be.

The classifieds section of the mag is very easy to post ads in. You type up your ad, pick your section and go for it. Really easy.


In the "b2b" section, in the "post ad" area there is nothing available to "submit" an ad. It's nowhere to be found. I check my web browser (both IE and Firefox) and ensure the cookies and javascript are working and so on, then try again. No luck.

I send an e-mail to their customer support department.

They respond back with a really insulting canned response, stating along the lines "Check your cookies and JavaScript" and all that other b.s.

I write back, and sent screen shots showing them exactly where the problem is.

I get another canned response to check my cookies and Javascript again. I decide to put this on the backburner. Maybe a human will eventually respond.

A day later, a person named "Angie" responds from customer support. She states in very vague fashion that they'll "look into it".


A week goes by.

Then I get an e-mail from the illustrious Angie once again. She writes and states that they hope the issue is resolved and that if I need more assistance, I should contact them.

"Hm, maybe they fixed it." I go to the site and try to post a b2b ad again.

It still doesn't work.

I fire back an e-mail. This is the context of the e-mail verbatim, with the exception of blocking out the company name for obvious reasons. My response is at the top. Their current "response" if you can call it that is at the bottom.

Uh, no...

You never answered the question or even attempted to resolve the issue.
You said "we'll look into it" and then sent a canned response that
didn't solve the problem at all. I sent screen shots and everything, you
obviously didn't bother looking at them.

Why don't you try again and actually make an effort to fix the problem
this time. Any money spent with you guys at this point is wasted because
I can't post a b2b ad. Your supposed "SUBMIT" button DOES NOT EXIST when
attempting to post a b2b ad online.

DO NOT send a canned response. FIX the problem.

CustomerService@[removed] wrote:

>> Thank you for choosing [removed] Online for your advertising
>> needs. We are contacting you regarding your recent inquiry. We just
>> wanted to check back with you and confirm that your issues have been
>> resolved. If you need further assistance then please let us know.
>> Should you have any questions feel free to ask. We hope that you are
>> enjoying the Classifieds Online.
>> Sincerely, Angie [removed]

We'll see if these idiots can actually make their web site work or not.

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