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windows 8 and blogging crapola

Upgrading from XP to Win7 for me was a no-brainer. Put it on a laptop and you gain battery life instantly from better power management. Put it on a desktop and getting around the OS is a breeze. File searching is faster and everything is easier to get to. The stability is so good that you can run Win7 for weeks before needing a reboot, whereas with XP it's every other frickin' day. The Task Scheduler in Win7 actually works like it's supposed to. The list goes on and on for Win7 over XP because 7 beats the ever-lovin' crap out of XP in every way. Yes, every way. Win7 is without question the best Windows that's ever existed.

Win8 on the other hand is a different story because it doesn't bring too much new to the table, or should I say things to the table that I can actually use.

Of the 300+ new features in Win8, the bulk of them are for touch and tablet use. I don't have any of that hardware, so it stands to reason that the only time I will actually use Win8 is when I buy a tablet that has that as the OS. To me, that makes sense because Win7 only runs so-so on a tablet. It's not that Win7 can't do it, it's just not as tablet-friendly as, say, iOS.

Right now I'm running two computers. My PC with Win7 and my netbook with XP. I've been looking to dump XP off the netbook for a while now. The only 2 reasons I haven't is because I don't feel like spending the Win7 license cost for a $300 computer that's now old, and the Windows Live Writer app, which is the absolute best blogging app there is. However, there is GNOME blog editor. I'm going to try that out as it does support WordPress and has an actual WYSIWYG that works. There's also BloGTK that I'm also going to try out, as it doesn't look too bad and also supports WP and has the WYSIWYG - not to mention it handles multiple accounts like WLW does.

If I can actually blog the way I want in Linux, then yes I'll happily trash XP and say buh-bye to it. Linux on the netbook has the same advanced power management that will eke out more battery life, and being that blog writing is the #1 thing I do on the netbook, it'll be a no-brainer to dump XP for Linux if the blogging tools available for it actually work the way I prefer.

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