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Q: Why does anyone use Microsoft Word at home?

A: It came pre-installed with the computer.


A: They "borrowed" it from work and installed it that way.

Nobody buys Word to use at home. It costs a crapload of money for doing the stupidly simple task of writing documents.

The last time I had Word installed on my computer was when I "borrowed" it from a job.

But then I discovered OpenOffice. It's got everything Office Pro edition has. Writer (Word), Calc (Excel), Impress (PowerPoint), Draw (Publisher) and Base (Access).

So, let's see.. I can either pony up over $500 for MS Office Pro or download OpenOffice for free. Hmm.. what to choose, what to choose..

Duh. OpenOffice.

I uninstalled MS Office and haven't used it since. OpenOffice writes DOC and XLS format so I can trade files with MS Office users easily, so there literally is no point to use MS Office anymore.. well.. not unless you want to spend an obscene amount of cash.

For those that have slow connections that just want a document writer, grab AbiWord. It's just a smidge over 5MB's in size, so even if you have the crappiest dial-up connection it won't take that long to download it.

If you have absolutely no patience whatsoever (heh), you can use Google Docs. You can do up doc's right in the browser. No software required. 🙂

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