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Working with Big System part 2

(part 1)

Here are my adventures of trying to get reports from Acxiom and ChoicePoint:

ChoicePoint's site for such matters is ChoiceTrust - and there are evidently several different kinds of reports available (not just a "one-for-all" as far as I could tell). I have to read up on this a bit more so I can get the right reports I want - however the site is very informative and easy to get around; a huge plus.

I called Acxiom this morning and went thru their phone system in an attempt to talk to someone. No such luck. All their menus at some point lead you to voice mail. At one point where I finally thought I was going to get a human, I got routed to an employee named "Jeannine" and of course went straight to her voice mail. At this point I may be relegated to e-mailing them just to get some kind of answer. Will they respond? Who knows..


Once again, ChoicePoint has kicked the ever-loving crap out of Acxiom concerning regular people like myself getting access to their information easily.

Further bulletins as events warrant. 😀


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